For Greater Clarity Around Your Soul's Purpose, Higher Self Embodiment, and FIERCELY Grounding Your Vision into Reality!

Beloved starseed,

Do you feel that pull that one day you would like to create a thriving soul-aligned business for yourself, but your struggling with clarity around what it is you're really here to do?

Perhaps you have all of these ideas floating around but you have a hard time following through and fully anchoring it into the physical.

You find this Earthly realm to be quite dense (which it is!) and so it's more natural for you to "escape" through your meditations, daydreams, and thought processes than it is for you to be fully present in your lower chakras and fully show up to your physical reality and dreams!

This can leave you feeling depleted, disconnected, and scattered in your approach to manifesting your soul's desires.

Your higher self wants to fill your body so that she can guide you, support you, and take you on a soul-fulfilling joyful journey of living out your soul's mission. She desires for you to receive abundantly as you are a powerful pillar anchoring light into the grid of Gaia.

In order for your body to be the vessel that can hold the high frequencies of your higher self, we have to get you into your body first to make space for her!

So what happens when we root down into our bodies and strengthen our relationship with the physical Earthly realm?


-Consistent downloads and guidance flowing into your awareness with ease from your higher self which continues to provide clarity around what your next step is in your soul's mission!

-Being finally grounded enough to follow through on your desires to one day launch your lightwork out into the world! Whether it be enrolling in a certification program, offering free sessions as you master your craft, or writing out that launch post on social media, you are DOING it rather than just thinking about it!

-Feeling more embodied in your higher self so you feel LIT AS F to show up to your vision with CONFIDENCE and POWER. This ripples out into all areas of your life... relationships, the way you honour your self-care and boundaries, in and out of the bedroom with your partner (HELLO EARTHQUAKING ORGASMS ;) ), and how you treat your body.

-WALKING through your day with the QUEEN POSE FULLY ACTIVATED: soft belly, open heart, shoulders down, spine straight. This is the strength of your masculine energy supporting and containing your energy, while you are softened and receptive in your feminine. This completely changes the way you show up to the world, your vision, and how others receive you.

-TRUSTING and SURRENDERING to the process. Knowing that you are in complete alignment with your highest trajectory timeline and you get to just be HERE RIGHT NOW and enjoy this moment because you are being taken care of and fully supported!

-KNOWING that you are safe, grounded, stable, and secure through these times of great collective transformation which will support you in showing up fiercely as the light raiser you came here to be. You KNOW your soul has been preparing you for thousands of lifetimes for this very moment!

-Elevated moods, frequency, energy, and creativity which attracts amazing people. tools, resources, opportunities, and support your way with your powerful and magnetic root vortex!! YUM!

-RECEIVING the abundance that is your life, in all moments, because you are present to FEELING it in your root and womb, which opens you up to receiving more!

The Grounded Starseed: A Self-Paced Journey to Bring You Down Into Your Body

A digital course to get you into your body for higher self embodiment, deeper clarity around your soul's purpose, and revolutionary receiving.

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Regular Price: 333

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Details & What's Included

The Grounded Starseed is a 3-week self paced course to support you in becoming more present in this Earthly realm so that you can feel clearer and more grounded to follow through with your vision/soul purpose.

This course will provide you the wisdom and tools that you can infuse into your daily life far beyond the duration of this course.

It will support you in becoming the embodiment of your higher self by clearing out the density in your lower chakras to make room for her.

Radical transformation & clarity around your soul purpose happens when you feel SAFE to soften and surrender into the physicality of your temple space body.

You SHOW up to grounding your vision with clarity, power and confidence!

  • WEEKLY HOMEWORK: Journalling, Practices to Put Teachings Into Play, Integration
  • 3 Guided Meditations (1 per week)

    *this is a self-paced journey, if it takes you longer than 1 week in between to learn and integrate, no stress, go with the flow and trust your own timing*

What our journey together will look like...

Opening Ceremony & Breathwork Via Zoom
This is a recorded ceremony which we step into the portal together of setting the intention to come into deep relationship with our bodies for higher self embodiment and clarity around soul's purpose. Breathwork will support you in opening and clearing your channel to make space for these activations in the coming weeks. This was a live ceremony for when the course first launched, but because there is no time/space you are just as immersed in the energies and experience watching the recording and stepping into the portal with us as if you were with us "live"!

Week 1: Unifying the Sacred Masculine & Feminine Energies

We will cover what the distorted masculine and feminine looks like and welcome forth the divine aspects to step forward and come together in sacred union. This is all about feeling safe in your feminine energy to fully soften and surrender into the support and strength of your masculine energy. If the feminine doesn't feel safe she tends to escape her body and immerse herself deeply in the energetic world. Feeling safe in the body, knowing that the masculine is holding her, helps her channel and ground her energy in the most soul-fulfilling way. It allows her to shift from scattered and all up-in-the-ethers to inspired aligned action.

An activation to collapse distorted feminine & masculine consciousness grids and a recorded meditation is included to support you in your integration of this week.

Week 2: Radical Boundaries, Self-Love, & Revolutionary Receiving

We will be covering alchemizing self-abandonment into self-love and self-reverence. This is all about "parenting" yourself, following through, and nourishing yourself. When you trust yourself to protect and honour yourself, it's easier to settle into the lower chakras. We also will be moving into allowing yourself to RECEIVE the abundance available to you by indulging in the fruits of being in your body. Your body is a magical place to be in as it's the vessel in which you receive all of Earth's blessings. From this place, our frequency naturally expands so we can hold and be more light. In this elevated frequency, downloads and guidance easily come through from our higher self.

A recorded meditation is included to support you in your integration of this week.

Week 3: The Great Mother

This week we will be diving deep into opening ourselves up to receiving the love and support from the Great Mother. This is about dissolving the projection of abandonment we have thrown onto her and allowing ourselves to soften, surrender, and receive from her. From this place our abundance manifests and greater clarity comes around what our next step is to align with our soul's purpose. Having a strong relationship with the Great Mother allows one to ground their vision and manifestation into the physical by having 1 foot in the energetic world and 1 foot in the physical world.

A recorded meditation is provided to support you in your integration of this week.

FULL MOON Closing Ceremony Via Zoom

Closing out the portal under the luminous Aquarius full moon energies and sending you on your continued journey of aligning with your soul's purpose. The closing ceremony has been recorded and will, along with the course contents, remain on the Course Portal so you can continue to go back and dive deeper into the teachings long after the 3 week journey!

I've spent most of my life trying to escape my body, whether it be through psychedelic trips, meaningless sex, or over-exercising and restrictive eating.

My soul chose to incarnate in this life with a family who did the best they could with the awareness level they had, however, I felt unaccepted and abandoned most of my childhood by the displays of masculinity I had in my life.

This resulted in me moving out when I was 16 to begin to dance with toxic masculine relationships and addictive behaviours.

Fast forward 10 years, my starseed lineage was activating in me which provided me a cosmic escape from my body.

Though I had been woke for a number of years and was no longer operating from toxic tendencies, I was loving this new realm of galactics that I was playing in, not realizing that it was another way for me to not be fully present in the material world, with myself, and my loved ones.

I kept hearing from my higher self that I needed to dig deeper so I could embody her more in order for my soul to carry out her grand mission in the Great Awakening.

The activations and healings my Higher self, mentors, and guides have taken me through have very much been focused on assisting my sensitive spirit to feel safe in my body so that I can claim my power and purpose to a whole new level.

My journey in claiming my body has been very illuminating in showing me that though I had done deep work on myself, I had only just scratched the surface. I had years of trauma embedded in my lower chakras that were keeping me from fully owning my power and divinity of my root, womb, and solar plexus.

The presence that I have had with myself on this journey has brought me to new levels of self-reverence, self-love, manifestation, pleasure, bliss and most importantly, deeper clarity around what my soul is here to do.

The way I show up to my life and purpose now is completely different.

Whether it be with my partner in and out of the bedroom, with clients, in goddess circles, or even with how present I am with my dog when we are walking through the woods. I am more embodied, present, and softer.

Each day I am blossoming more and more into my true self so that I can do what I came here to do.

It is my mission at this time to support you, the future lightworker, in doing the same so that you can claim your soul's mission.

What Grounded Starseeds are saying about their experience in this journey...

The Grounded Starseed was a very powerful invocation to delve deep into full alignment and of Self - especially for me, as someone who can easily slip into a space of feeling like I am floating through life, without the anchoring in the physical. With the combination of video teachings, journal prompts, and recorded mediations, I received so many juicy downloads that I didn’t even know I needed! One of the main takeaways for me was the importance of balancing out my divine Masculine and divine Feminine - it has now become such a focal point in my train of thoughts and in how I show up every day and is proving time & time again how well that balance serves me. I’d highly recommend this course for anyone who needs support in taking the action steps towards deepening the relationship between their starseed self and earth-bound body and integrating the two into everyday life.

- Charlene Jans

This course has been amazing in helping me find my center through the chaos, feel safe within my body, to love myself more deeply than ever before, and to stand strong and stable in knowing where I’m going and how best I can get there! I have never felt more supported, empowered or encouraged to keep living my best life in every way! I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to heal your inner masculine and feminine energy to find the divinity and harmony between the 2! Thank you for the support in finding my inner me and how to honour her every day!

- Stefanie Carlson

Thank you Mary for this gift that you have given us. Opening the door for us to be able to heal our wounded Masculine and Feminine has been much needed. The opportunity to bring in our Divine Masculine and Feminine has been a blessing. Healing our old patterns couldn’t have come at a better time than now.

I greatly recommend this course to help kickstart you into a more grounded self and give you tools for more clearing. 

- Brandie Bates

The Grounded Starseed is a powerful course that starts with a bang and keeps on going, at least in my experience! The space Mary held for us was beautiful and safe. I got to feel grounded in my body in a way I've never been able to before and can carry that forward in my daily life. As a healer I hear over and over how important it is to ground everyday. But it isn't always that easy, especially if you have unresolved trauma in your body. I can do that more easily now after the course with more awareness, techniques and meditations that Mary provides. I will keep revisiting this course as I'm sure it will provide new insights and growth each time. Thank you Mary!

- Mikaela Weir

Your soul agreed to come to this lifetime to assist with the ushering in of the Golden Age.

You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.

Your soul chose to leave a beautiful high dimensional reality to live (& suffer) through thousands of years of karmic loops in order to prepare you for this very lifetime. Which is totally badass by the way.

This is the first lifetime in which us starseeds are being granted the ability to be the full embodiment of our higher selves. Which is super fun, magical and rewarding.

Your body is a very pleasurable place to be in. The deeper you soften into your root and sacral chakra, the more delicious these places and your LIFE feels!

I'm talking about increased bliss and flow states, whether you're connecting with nature, Spirit, your lover, or yourself.

Your body is a temple waiting to receive the full totality that you are so that she can give you the gifts that come with presence.

There is so much manifestation, clarity and creative power in your lower chakras, it's time to claim the gift of your body & USE IT!


This was a live journey that ran in July 2020, however, there is no time/space so whenever you do step into the portal, you are just as immersed into the energies as if you were with us "live"!

About Mary Wright

Hey light warrior! I'm Mary.

I am an ancient soul seeded from both Sirius and Pleiades. I was part of a team that came down to planet Earth to test the soil and elements to make sure this planet could sustain human life. I assisted with setting a grid of light to allow this very thing to happen.

Since then, I have lived thousands of years as a grid keeper on Planet Earth, through Atlantis, Lemuria, as a Priestess of Isis in Ancient Egypt and now through the Great Awakening as we usher in the Golden Age.

It is an honour to be walking amongst you light raisers as we assist humanity in it's most epic leap in consciousness. We are doing what has never been done before.

In this lifetime, I am an intuitive and women's transformation coach & ascension guide, coaching mystical women on how to clear the density in their fields in order to make space for the embodiment of their higher self so that they feel ready to powerfully bring their sacred work out into the world.

In my work, I use intuitive techniques specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy & cosmic shamanic healing among many other channeled modalities.

In my own personal evolution, these modalities assisted me in overcoming deep unworthiness, sexual trauma, anxiety, depression & PTSD. All of these experiences in my younger days was the perfect foundation to rock my sleepy soul enough to catalyze my awakening and furthermore activate the codes of ancient medicine and wisdom within me.

I was born and raised in the small town prairie lifestyle of Alberta, Canada which lead to a handful of years of massive rebellion (and sometimes self-destruction) to shake my consciousness loose of deep societal conditioning.

Along my journey, I became a free-spirited soul thirsty for travel which lead me to meet my Irishman soulmate on a beach in Cuba. I moved to Austria in 2018 with my dog to join my now husband in an expansive abundant life of working with soulmate clients, travel, and romance.

When I'm not traveling I like to spend my free time spoiling myself with luxurious baths, being in the woods, making a fire under the stars, and sensual dance.

I sometimes can be spotted on hot mountaintops sunbathing in the nude.