A 6 month private mentorship journey to prepare you for your lightwork

Come into deeper alignment with your soul's purpose

Beloved starseed,

Do you feel that call that one day you would like to build a soul-centered business for yourself, but know you have much of your own inner healing to do before you launch your lightwork out into the world?

Perhaps you have no idea what your soul purpose is, you just know it is to contribute to the elevation of the consciousness of humanity, and you're craving greater clarity around what your mission is at this time.

You are all too familiar with self-doubt and struggle with surrendering to your higher self and trusting that you are always being guided.

Guess what?! You've been guided to this page for a reason!

Starseed Alchemy is a 6-month private mentorship container that will support you in preparing your energy field to launch your lightwork out into the world.

On the other side of self-doubt, resistance, and 3D BS programming, comes clarity, confidence, trust. and 5D New Earth frequencies to play with.

Starseed Alchemy is the bridge to support you in alchemizing the density in your energy field into the expansive frequencies of your higher self.

With the embodiment of our higher self comes a delicious journey of soul alignment and cocreation to birth your vision into the material plane.

Details & What's Included

  • 12 x BIWEEKLY 1 hour intuitive mentoring/healing video calls done via Zoom

We don't follow an outline, each session is intuitive and dives into where you are at that week with your healing/expansion process.

The focus of our sessions is to clear out densities and distortions and activate you in the codes of soul alignment and higher self embodiment.

I blend NLP, timeline therapy, cosmic shamanic healing, and many other channeled quantum tools to support you in your evolution for your soul's revolution.

I work deeply with the union of the sacred masculine & feminine, which will be weaved throughout our time together.

This is NOT a business mentorship. This is for spiritual women who feel the call to one day build a spiritual business, but know they have a lot of their own healing to do first. If you already have a soul-aligned business but you're struggling getting out of your own way to really get it going, this will also serve you!

Price: $444 USD / month for 6 months ($2664 FULL)
*Payment plans offered*

*if you are wondering what the difference is between Starseed Alchemy and my signature 6-month offering Cosmic Radiance click here.*

More info below! But if you already feel that soul-hit that this is a YES in your body, click the button below to fill out the application form!

By filling out the application form, you are NOT committing to the program or to the financial exchange. You are applying for a free 30-minute discovery call with me, to make sure we are the right fit for each other!


At the beginning of me launching my lightworking business, I hired a biz coach that was 10K for 6 months.

I was not ready for that level of investment or for the type of container she was providing.

I hadn't found my voice yet so I ended up regurgitating a lot of the stuff I was reading online.

I didn't need funnels or marketing lingo, I needed deep healing.

I needed to alchemize the self - doubt and limiting conditioning so that I could be a clear channel to express my soul's true essence.

I walked out of that container drowning even more in self-doubt because I wasn't able to expand into the level of investment that I had made.

Through that experience though and A LOT of deep initiations and clearings, I was able to refine my vision and realized that I needed to provide that bridge that future lightworkers walked across to prepare their energy fields to be able to boldly shine their light into the world and claim what they came here to do.

I have been in the entrepreneur realm for 6 years, the last 3 of that being in the lightworking world.

In this last 3 years I have traveled to more countries than I can count, I met my Irish soulmate while on vacation in Cuba, I moved across the world from Canada to Austria with my dog, I married my Irishman on a beach in Spain, all while building a successful soul-aligned business.

The success wasn't overnight for me. It took a lot of recalibrating and recoding of my energy field to unpack the victimhood, not-enoughness, shame, & poverty/lack conciousness that I was deeply conditioned into.

In my teens and early 20's I had danced plenty with toxic masculine relationships and substances. I was completely disconnected from my body and the pleasure of my feminine essence.

My soul went through my awakening 4 years ago around the time I hopped on my first ever plane ride, which was a pretty big deal for a girl that used to be scared of everything, who was raised in the prairies on a farm in a community of only 200 people.

Since, I have been greatly activated in the remembrance of who I am to the full totality that I am, in an elixer of priestess, queen, witch, starseed, mermaid, shamanic, and quantum alchemist codes to name a few.

This has all weaved beautifully into my business which is an extension of my soul.

I create channeled offerings straight from my heart that fills me with so much joy while birthing them, I work with soulmate clients who become siStars, all while only "working" part-time hours earning a full-time income so that I can enjoy the abundance of my marriage, living abroad and diving deep into my own mysteries (heyo Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon & Sagittarius Rising).

Each day I am blossoming more and more into my true self so that I can do what I came here to do.

It is my mission at this time to support you, the future lightworker, in clearing out the densities and distortions that are in the way of your soul's alignment to your purpose.

What clients are saying...

Mary holds space in such a gentle, yet powerful, way and walks the journey right beside you.  Every session has been fine tuned to my experience, and I believe that is what makes them so impactful. She is such a clear channel of truth and love, that healing happens at a core level.  I have grown so much in the past five months and I know this is just the beginning.  Thank you Mary, from the depths of my soul, for bringing this work into my life. I am forever grateful for you!" - Mary Ann Krajna

What I love about Mary is that she does all her own inner work and growth too. She doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect from herself. It really helps to have a coach that continues to grow and heal and learn new tools.  

If you’re looking for someone to help you in your journey, Mary is so absolutely recommended. I feel completely blessed to have worked with her and look forward to what our future will hold for us both. -Brandie Bates

Your soul agreed to come to this lifetime to assist with the ushering in of the Golden Age.

You wouldn't be reading this otherwise.

Your soul chose to leave a beautiful high dimensional reality to live (& suffer) through thousands of years of karmic loops in order to prepare you for this very moment of time. Which is totally badass by the way.

Let's collaborate together in your energetic recalibration so that you feel safe to open up to your gifts, magic, and claim your soul's mission!

If you feel that pull that 1 of those spots might be for you, click the button below to fill out the application form!

By filling out the application form, you are NOT committing to the program or to the financial exchange. You are applying for a free 30-minute discovery call with me, to make sure we are the right fit for each other!

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About Mary Wright

Hey light warrior! I'm Mary.

I am an ancient soul seeded from both Sirius and Pleiades. I was part of a team that came down to planet Earth to test the soil and elements to make sure this planet could sustain human life. I assisted with setting a grid of light to allow this very thing to happen.

Since then, I have lived thousands of years as a grid keeper on Planet Earth, through Atlantis, Lemuria, as a Priestess of Isis in Ancient Egypt and now through the Great Awakening as we usher in the Golden Age.

It is an honour to be walking amongst you light raisers as we assist humanity in it's most epic leap in consciousness. We are doing what has never been done before.

In this lifetime, I am an intuitive and women's transformation coach & ascension guide, mentoring mystical women on how to clear the density in their fields in order to make space for the embodiment of their higher self so that they feel ready to powerfully bring their sacred work out into the world.

In my work, I use intuitive techniques specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy & cosmic shamanic healing among many other channeled modalities.

In my own personal evolution, these modalities assisted me in overcoming deep unworthiness, sexual trauma, anxiety, depression & PTSD. All of these experiences in my younger days was the perfect foundation to rock my sleepy soul enough to catalyze my awakening and furthermore activate the codes of ancient medicine and wisdom within me.

I was born and raised in the small town prairie lifestyle of Alberta, Canada which lead to a handful of years of massive rebellion (and sometimes self-destruction) to shake my consciousness loose of deep societal conditioning.

Along my journey, I became a free-spirited soul thirsty for travel which lead me to meet my Irishman soulmate on a beach in Cuba. I moved to Austria in 2018 with my dog to join my now husband in an expansive abundant life of working with soulmate clients, travel, and romance.

When I'm not traveling I like to spend my free time spoiling myself with luxurious baths, being in the woods, making a fire under the stars, and sensual dance.

I sometimes can be spotted on hot mountaintops sunbathing in the nude.