A collection of guided meditations, galactivations, and prayers that will elevate your frequency and align you with your soul mission on Earth! *More Info Below!*

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Details & What's Included

This light coded bundle of 11 guided meditations, activations, prayers & a bonus 6 page PDF will elevate you to a whole new level of frequency, ascension, communion with your light teams and clarity for your soul purpose as a sovereign starseeded being.

Do these activations as many times as you desire.

Each time you do them it activates you at a deeper cellular level.

You can listen to them in order to intuitively pick out which one you want to listen to for the day.

  • Starseed Activation 1: Sovereign Earth Angel (25 minute activation to align you with your purpose of service as a light warrior on Planet Earth)
  • Starseed Activation 2: Activate Your New Earth Templates (24 minute activation to dissolve outdated consciousness grids and activate your New Earth consciousness grids)
  • Starseed Activation 3: Journeying to the Galactics (22 minute guided meditation to meet your star family)
  • Starseed Activation 4: Aligning With Your Purpose (20 minute guided meditation to journey to your own personal healing dimension to receive healing & guidance from your galactic guide)
  • Starseed New Earth Healing & Highest Timeline for Humanity (15 minute Guided Meditation to jump into a portal of blessing Gaia and humanity for the highest good of all)
  • Starseed Earth Activation (8 minute interactive guided experience to connect with Mama Gaia - do this outside!)
  • Starseed Water Activation (8 minute interactive guided experience to connect with the healing frequenices of water - do this in the bath, shower or outside sitting by water!)
  • Starseed Morning Prayer (8 minute track of decrees to get you in alignment and in a high frequency state first thing!)
  • BONUS: Connect to the Crystalline Core & Chakra Clearing Guided Meditation (28 minutes)
  • BONUS: Good Rising 7 Minute Guided Meditation
  • BONUS: 11:11 Abundance Guided Meditation
  • BONUS: 6 Page PDF with the most luminous Starseed Practices to infuse throughout your day

Here's What Starseeds are Saying...

"The entire pack is such a gorgeous piece of cosmic beauty ❤️ well done on birthing this illumination into the world ✨🙏☀️🙌!" - Meadhbh

"I just did the first meditation from the starseed activation! Amazing Mary Wright! I can’t thank you enough. I highly recommend! So cool. Sovereign Earth Angel I am ❤️🙏" - Sam

"I just did the first one. WOWOWOWOW!!! So powerful!!" - Brandie

"My first starseed activation was so so beautiful. I was super blessed with vivid visions of my starseed angel guide and other visions. I am going to replay this one again to see what I experience the 2nd time. I actually want to buy this amazing bundle for my niece for her birthday." - Franni

F YES! I'm ready to be GALACTIVATED! 

About Mary Wright

Hey light warrior! I'm Mary.

I am an ancient soul seeded from both Sirius and Pleiades. I was part of a team that came down to planet Earth to test the soil and elements to make sure this planet could sustain human life. I assisted with setting a grid of light to allow this very thing to happen.

Since then, I have lived thousands of years as a grid keeper on Planet Earth, through Atlantis, Lemuria, and now through the Great Awakening as we usher in the Golden Age.

It is an honour to be walking amongst you light raisers as we assist humanity in it's most epic leap in consciousness. We are doing what has never been done before.

In this lifetime, I am an intuitive and women's transformation coach & ascension guide, coaching mystical women on how to clear the density in their fields in order to make space for the embodiment of their higher self so that they feel ready to powerfully bring their sacred work out into the world.

In my work, I use intuitive techniques specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy & cosmic shamanic healing among many other channeled modalities.

In my own personal evolution, these modalities assisted me in overcoming deep unworthiness, sexual trauma, anxiety, depression & PTSD. All of these experiences in my younger days was the perfect foundation to rock my sleepy soul enough to catalyze my awakening and furthermore activate the codes of ancient medicine and wisdom within me.

I was born and raised in the small town prairie lifestyle of Alberta, Canada which lead to a handful of years of massive rebellion (and sometimes self-destruction) to shake my consciousness loose of deep societal conditioning.

Along my journey, I became a free-spirited soul thirsty for travel which lead me to meet my Irishman soulmate on a beach in Cuba. I moved to Austria in 2018 with my dog to join my now husband in an expansive abundant life of working with soulmate clients, travel, and romance.

When I'm not traveling I like to spend my free time spoiling myself with luxurious baths, being in the woods, and making a damn good fire under the stars.

I sometimes can be spotted on hot mountaintops sunbathing in the nude.