A Digital Course For Confidence, Alignment & Abundance In Your Soul Purpose Work

Champagne Shower Your Authentic Self All Over This Planet.

You Had Me At Sparkle & Grit. Let's do this. 

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what's possible for you...

What would it be like to wake up each morning overflowing with excitement, inspiration and sexy

You are building a soul aligned business that you are madly in love with that is a vehicle for your wildest expression & expansion....and you feel oh so safe, held and supported in doing so.

You know, love & honour yourself so fully and completely that you easily advocate for your needs, set boundaries, and no longer shrink back into old identities that played out in patterns of self abandonment and people pleasing.

You know your worth as you have walked the path of reclaiming all parts of you that had once had been conditioned into silence and smallness. Your world sees & responds to you at this level of power & authenticity.

Your presence is FELT when you walk into the room and when you channel activating content & programs for your future clients. You no longer feel like you blend in in the noise of the internet. The way you show up on social media is like a lightning bolt that pulls your online community out of their mindless scroll.

You feel oh so delightfully connected to your Expanded Self that it's as if your future you who has already accomplished what you desire is moving you like an avatar on the Sims. You are in the flow, joy riding the delightful currents of your inevitable success.

There's a direct stream of communication, support, ideas and energy that is pouring into your awareness from your highest self and you have the divine masculine follow through to take the big bold action steps to plant these firmly into the physical realm.

You walk into your client containers, live videos and content creation with unshakable certainty in the value and level of transformation you provide.

You no longer get stuck in the swamp of self sabotage loops for weeks on end. Instead you have the tools, embodiment, and muscle memory to naturally operate from the bandwidth of frequency that is your most powerful authentic self and highest timeline.

You know exactly how to love & support all aspects of you so that you stay aligned with your highest trajectory even on the days your inner child is throwing a tantrum.

You powerfully share your soul work & uninhibited voice with the world as the bad mystical bitch that you are, making the hearts & wallets open of your vibe-with-you-ride-with-you clients.

You are the walking embodiment of
divine feminine leadership.

Sparkle and Grit will rocket ship you into a whole new level of self expression, soul service & big bold energy. Let's shatter glass ceilings sis.

The Down & Dirty Deets

Sparkle & Grit is a self paced digital course that includes 6 video trainings, 4 guided audio meditations/activations/embodiment practices, 2 in depth workbooks and 1 bonus PDF.

Pillar One: Sparkle

Tending to your inner realm through energy, embodiment & mindset to walk you home to your soul essence & connection.

  • Video 1 Introduction & Highest Self Love
  • Video 2 O P E N I N G
  • Video 3 Mindset Mastery & EFT

  • Soul Glow Up Embodiment Guided Audio Session (sensual as F ;))

  • The Magical Subconscious Formula Method (guided audio process)

  • Signature Belonging Method (guided audio process)

  • 21 Page Workbook That's Like Sitting in Session With Me with Journalling Prompts, Exercises and Thought Provoking Reflections
  • Bonus 3 page Power Declaration PDF

Pillar Two: Grit

Being a lightning bolt of bold powerful action and having your own back as you show up to your vision. Be fierce, confident and own your seat at the table.

  • Video 1 Gold Jumpsuit Method
  • Video 2 From Floppy D Energy to Big D Energy
  • Video 3 Show Up & Do the Damn Thing

  • 10 Page In Depth Workbook

The content is loaded up on an online course portal for you to have life time access to.

Upon purchase you will have INSTANT access to Pillar One: Sparkle.

Pillar Two: Grit will be released Mid October.



Full Access to Course Portal

  • 6 Video Trainings
  • 3 Guided Audio Meditations/Embodiment Practices
  • 2 Workbooks + Bonus PDF
  • 1 hour private session with me
  • 4 weeks Voxer Support

$333 USD Early Bird Pricing

Payment Plans Available

I'M IN! 


Full Access to Course Portal

  • 6 Video Trainings
  • 3 Guided Audio Meditations/Embodiment Practices
  • 2 Workbooks + Bonus PDF
  • 1 hour private session with me
  • 4 weeks Voxer Support

$650 USD Early Bird Pricing
Payment Plan Available

Sparkle & Grit supports you in getting all parts of you on board with your soul's work & vision... even that shy inner child that would rather just sit down, be quiet and not take up space.

We get ALL OF YOU fully behind your bold brilliant light so that showing up and creating the impact that you're here to make is less of a fumble fuckery and more of your soul joyfully confetti'ing all over this planet.

This is a journey of
personal power, connection & reclamation.

I walk you across the threshold, dismantling illusions of separation so that the wild unfiltered parts of you that you had once tucked neatly away for the sake of "belonging" feel safe to come online.

Lighting your work & your world up with the magic, the essence, that is YOU in your full CONNECTED SELF.

What Past Clients Are Saying...



"I know from first-hand experience that Mary is a very powerful alchemical guide. She is able to hold space and guide a session in such a way that profound shifts can take place and deep layers of distortion can be excavated and cleared. Due to her gifted abilities and grace, I was able to step more fully into who I truly am, the being that I was born to be. I have no doubt that Mary is deeply aligned with her soul's mission in supporting other souls to reclaim parts of themselves and live from a place of integrated wholeness."

Stephanie K.

"The first video put me in a PLACE & I stepped into something incredibly intense. I got promoted at work, I got out of my shitty apartment & into a new amazing one, I met my soulmate, AND I built an entire music album from scratch."

Michelle D.







I support people like you to connect with your true self so you shatter through glass ceilings and rocket ship to your dream reality. I have been where you are and know exactly what it takes.

Not so long ago I was drowning in doubt in my business, frustrated with how long it was taking to fully pop off, and that was rippling out in how secure I felt within myself.

Business tasks felt like such big things. I was paralyzed in resistance. I wasn't sure of myself and my capability.

I struggled with finding my authentic voice and felt like I was a mish mash of all my past teacher's voices. I kept internalizing that my sense of worth was tied into how my business was doing.

Big things started manifesting for me through deep belief work, intentional ceremonies to connect with my Expanded Self, embodiment practices and familiarizing my body with the sensation of my vision.

I was finally moving in my business & world from a place of overflow from my soul's inner wisdom & desire. I no longer was leaking my power away to old versions of myself that felt unworthy & unlovable.

My husband and I moved from Austria (which for those that don't know me, was a tough place for this sensitive Canadian to try to acclimate to) to Ireland during the pandemic. Our dream reality began to fully come to fruition as I finally fully came into myself.

My authentic voice came online, I became a fully booked coach, my husband's voice acting business exploded, our marriage & intimacy bloomed, my capacity to hold more pleasure & joy expanded.

We are about to buy a country cottage in Ireland mortgage free with a bit of land that we can grow our own food, start growing a herd of horses and goats, and start a family.

All of this as a result of no longer holding the identity of who I was in the past, but rather, become the identity of who I needed to be to create my dreams. Which ultimately, is my highest, most expanded Self - who I AM on a soul level.

In addition to my life experience, I have been running my own personal brand & business for 8 years. I have been certified in Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2 and Life Coaching. I have been trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, breathwork, shamanic healing & journeying, & tantric arts modern day mystery school for divine feminine healing & empowerment.

My soul cup overflows with fulfilment by helping other women fully come into their power, soul expression & service, and create dreamy as F realities for themselves.

Mary J Wright


Is this program for me even if I am not an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. Being our bold authentic selves totally is applicable to all parts of our world and is a byproduct of this work, whether or not you are actively engaged in starting or building a business. You bring this energy into the bedroom, the boardroom, conversing with family at the kitchen table and the way that you move your body. IMO though, most of the people that vibe with me have the deepest desire to start their own soul aligned business, even if it's far down the road and just a slight subconscious soul inkling. This course will bring you that much closer to being ready to do so while also aligning other foundational parts of your life. When you're feeling yourSelf, everything clicks in.

What is the format of the program?

This is a pre-recorded online digital course with a mix of video, audio, and workbooks.

How much time will this program take?

The actual recorded material (videos & guided processes) is 3 hours worth of content. This is self paced so you will be taking in bits and digesting it rather than fully binging all of the material. The workbook will take several hours of really sitting with it to complete. Count in the daily processes you will be implementing to support your energy/mindset which all depends on what you have available. If you only have 10minutes to spare, we can work with that. If you have an hour to dedicate a day to this, you'll be able to go a lot deeper a lot quicker. This is up to yourself. The frequency of Sparkle & Grit will be working on you as soon as you sign up, but as always, if you go ALL IN on this work, you will get ALL IN results.

Will I get 1 on 1 coaching/feedback/attention from Mary?

If you upgrade for the Opulence payment option, you will receive 1 private session with me and 4 weeks of voxer support. If you sign up for the Luminous option, you will not receive this.

What is your refund policy?

There will be no refunds granted under any circumstances.

Get ready to unapologetically own who you are & what you came here to do.