A 6 Week Group Immersion


A journey to return home to yourself, the magical, mystical, perfect being that you are.

A deep process to heal you from the reoccurring pattern of reaching outwards, to finding that inwards place of simple, potent power.

To guide you in bringing together all the BEAUTIFUL pieces of who you are into your embodied frequency to enhance your physical world!

This is for those of you that are craving simplicity.

For those that are ready to uncover their own unique soul's essence and bathe in that...

& feel more powerful and connected than ever before.

Hi, I'm Mary!

I'm going to tell you a story...

I have sat in countless Goddess circles.

I have journeyed through many dimensions.

I have thoroughly studied and navigated the quantum field.

I have walked through fire after fire of initiation in the underworld.

I spent years navigating the many faucets of spirituality thoroughly...

But I never fully felt complete. There was something missing.

There was a disconnect that was creating this pattern of constantly seeking outside of me.

That honestly... had me feeling quite tired and raw.

That disconnect was ME.

My soul.

& my personal connection to God/Source.

Somewhere along the line of seeking for spiritual truths, I forgot how to just sit in the simplicity that is God's/Source's light.

I wanted it to be elaborate.

I wanted it to be all quantum/coded/templated/crystalline fancy worded stuff that really means nothing without the fabric of

Why? Because I felt that just me, and my personal connection to self and God/Source, wasn't enough - which is because I hadn't fully anchored into God yet. (hello religious upbringing trauma).

I got taken by the sparkly lights and shows of the New Age Spiritual world, and got caught up in the endless cycle of that one next thing would be the end all be all for it to finally fully CLICK in.

Resulting in a lot of credit card debt, feeling even more separate from my friends and family that weren't spiritual, and continuing to fall into old patterns of beating myself up for not being far enough along.

I forgot what my soul's essence felt like.

My unique soul signature.

Which if you don't know me, though I live the expat life with my Irishman soulmate and dog in Austria, I am a simple Alberta prairie born girl who loves horses and goats, country music, and baking, who's very tapped into the unseen world.

& so, Spirit intervened. As it always does.

I was flat lined for 6 weeks with intense physical energy purges which had me in a feeling of powerlessness.

It held me down long enough for me to stop and actually listen to what was trying to come through: deep in my consciousness there was the illusion of separation from God/Source.

Though I was running the Spiritual Olympics (really though haha) and considered myself a very spiritual person, I hadn't fully returned to God's light.

I was still seeking in other places, when really, it was always there, within me, holding me and loving me unconditionally.

I let God crack me open and soothe the parts of me that still just didn't quite feel like I was enough.

To hold and love the shame, the truth seeking fatigue, and the false illusions of separation.

In my powerlessness I found my P O W E R.

& the rest dissolved.

I suddenly felt no resonance to many of the New Age teachings - Goddesses. New Earth. Codes.

I just wanted to hang with God, and hang with myself, because I was uncovering the DIAMOND THAT IS MY SOUL'S LIGHT, beneath all of the noise of spiritual teachings.

I no longer felt separate from those in my life that weren't spiritual.
I no longer felt like I had to be 100% holistic to keep my channel clear.
I no longer felt like I had to constantly protect myself from dark entities or corrupt global agendas.

Because when you got GOD, you don't need protection.

And so I tell you this story not for shits and giggles, but because if you have gotten this far in reading this, you see a part of yourself in me.

You feel resonance in my words.

& you're ready to come home to yourself too.

You are ready to bask in your beautiful essence, seeing yourself through the eyes of your Higher Self, and exude your magnetic light into the world.


A 6 Week Group Immersion To Bring You HOME.

Price: €333 OR 4 biweekly payments of €88

*if this payment plan doesn't quite fit for you, please contact me and we can find one that does!*

*More Info Below*

S I G N   M E  U P!



Details & What's Included

  • 3 Biweekly Group Mentoring Live Calls via Zoom (these will be recorded)
  • 3 Guided Meditations Recorded on Professional Equipment for your Audio Library
  • Private Facebook Group Support

We start the week of April 14th! I always coordinate with the group to find a time and date that accommodates as many as possible with the various time zones.

In our calls, teaching will be minimized, as this is an experience TO FEEL that I will be guiding you through.
The reason the teaching is minimal is because I'm merely activating and illuminating the path back to Self, in which I then step back and let God & your Higher Selves do the rest of the "work". The path back to self is a very personal journey for each individual.

Our 1st call is about UNPLUGGING - unhooking the streams of consciousness from past teachers & mentors that have hooked into your energy field and influenced it.

Our 2nd call is about DISSOLVING - dissolving out old beliefs & ideas that you picked up along the way that is no longer in resonance with your SOUL. In this space you surrender to Source and allow Source to comb through your field.

Our 3rd call is about SHINING your soul's diamond light and exuding your soul's frequency. By this point you have refined to your soul's essence, truth and message and it brightly shines out and through you.

In between calls, SUPPORT is fully available to hold you in this process and guide you further into yourSELF.


This is for those that are starting to no longer feel resonance with much of the spiritual community teachings we see on social media right now.

This is for those who have heavily navigated the realm of spirituality and are fatigued by the spiritual toolkit and just want to simplify.

This is for those that are sick of having to spend hours in morning routines to feel sparkly and radiant, and rather, just want to wake up feeling already connected.

This is for those who when creating content for their own soul aligned businesses have a hard time thinking of their own ideas and so their message is lost in the noise of the spiritual community because other people's inspiration and impressions are speaking through your content.

This is for those who no longer want to feel separate from community, friends and family that are not on a similar spiritual path.

This is for those who are ready to be fully integrated and embodied in their higher selves.

This is for those who are desiring a much deeper, grounded and centered connection with God/Source.

This is for those that are desiring to be much more clear on what their own soul and energetic signature is which allows for your Truth to be that much more POTENT, MAGNETIC and FELT in your soul's work.


THIS IS NOT for people who are just starting their spiritual journey and are in the sponge mode of taking in tons of content, ideas and spiritual concepts to develop their own understanding, belief and awareness.

THIS IS NOT for people who are desiring tons of theoretical teachings and fancy activations and meditations. This is not a glitz and glamour COcreation, but rather, this is a simplification and illumination of the path to bring you home to your own soul's light.

This is a hanging up of the Spiritual Olympics hat so that we can just chill and bask in the simplicity and POWER of our own light & connection to God/Spirit.

The spiritual community is hurting right now.

There's a lot of ick in the field, and so many people are sounding like a cardboard cutout of super-spiritual-Suzie, regurgitating the same stuff and aren't fully integrated in what they are teaching.

There's a huge lack of authenticity and integrity due to the HUGE boom this industry has experienced the last few years.

& there's a lot of really lost people in the thick of it.

If you are feeling like one of those people, super fatigued by all the quantum leaping and Insta-gurus, I want to help you cross that bridge, to return back to yourself.

Your true self.

I'm not discrediting New Age teachings such as Goddess circles, moon circles, New Earth, and all the glorious starseed stuff.

These are fields to play in that all serve a purpose.

They are faucets of God/Source and pathways to God/Source.

There is so much to learn and create in these fields, as God is in all of it.

I still very much enjoy playing in some of these playgrounds.

But without being fully plugged into your own unique soul's light, and your own connection to God first, it can just create distraction and noise and a sense of always seeking outside of yourself and non stop healing cycles.

It dilutes your own truth.

Soul Series is a 6 week group immersion that will provide you a safe cocoon as you return home to yourself.

I will guide you as you let go of the STATIC that one tends to pick up in the spiritual community, so that you can anchor into your SOUL'S LIGHT and your own personal connection to God/Source within.

You will uncover your own unique soul frequency.

You will uncover you own authentic soul's voice.

Like a diamond, you will refine and dissolve out what your soul just doesn't resonate with anymore, and uncover the sparkle of your own soul's truth.

You will be in direct communion with God/Source/the Divine as your coach/mentor/healer/oracle deck.

You will be HOME.

& from this place, your soul's light will emanate out into everything that you do.

Into your soul service and purpose work.

Into your relationships and community.

Into your creations and expression.

& people will feel that. They will feel YOU. Because you know you.

You will be a diamond light shining through the static of the spiritual community.

You will be in a beautiful COcreative relationship with Spirit, as Source pours through you and all that you do.