We all know her. The woman who is completely comfortable within herself, fully tapped into how her heart is feeling, what she is desiring and is openly expressed in her vulnerability.

She sets boundaries and lovingly advocates for her needs in relationships and partnership. Her closest relationships meets her in her fullness, because she speaks her mind, her heart, her spirit, her truth.

She relishes in being naked with her lover, allowing his/her eyes to see her all, comfortable with the way the light illuminates her borders, fully embodied in her frisky vixen self.

She easily connects with people. They are comfortable to quickly open and swim beyond the surface down into the depths of soul.

In her passion projects or soul aligned business, her essence exudes through everything she creates. She is completely comfortable being wildly visibly online. She is a vibe.

She doesn't hold back. Why? Because, she knows the contrast... of how dim she used to feel when she filtered her light because she didn't feel safe to be seen in her all.

She has done the inner work to be able to share her brilliance, undiluted.

You notice her, because she is a future version of you, and because there's no time/space, she is you, holding out her hand, inviting you to call yourself forward.

SEEN is a journey of personal power. This will guide you to feel safe & confident in being seen in your magic, light & your boldness, & have your world, relationships, & career/business RESPOND to you.

Details & What's Included

-9 modules (training videos, guided meditations and workbook that is thought provoking and like sitting in a private mentorship session with me)
-Facebook group for support and a safe space to practice being seen & sharing vulnerably (group will open once we have spots filled)

- long term access to online course portal

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Course Breakdown:

Module 1: The Root System Method - uncovering your barriers and digging up the roots

Module 2: Coming Home To Self -identifying your true soul self's qualities and essence to activate embodiment phase

Module 3: Heart Expansion - opening your heart to new levels of love to flow through

Module 4: Meeting the Maiden - healing the younger self

Module 5: Self Lovery Boundaries - amping up your relationship with self, advocating for your needs in relationships, flowing with the masculine/feminine energetic dynamic

Module 6: Your Bold Truth - leaning in and expanding the edginess, vulnerability, and visibility.

Module 7: Prioritizing Pleasure - allowing yourself to RECEIVE more

Module 8: Body Image 101 - loving up on your temple space

Module 9: Highest Self Worth

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who desires to become more of her true soul self by no longer operating from limiting younger self versions and stepping into her confidence, radiance and visibility. This impacts the way she shows up to her life, relationships, business/career and most importantly, herSELF.

Who is this NOT for?

If you're not ready and willing to commit to going deep within yourself and do the inner work required, this course is not for you. Try my free guided meditation for visibility here instead.

Why am I the person to guide you through this?

Growing up, I was incredibly shy. My default safety setting was to stay quiet and not take up space so that I wouldn't get noticed. Even though, a part of me wanted attention, I didn't feel confident within myself enough to speak up. I didn't feel like I had anything worth saying. I didn't value myself.

Fast forward to the last 6 years of being an online entrepreneur, I had to lean into those younger parts of myself and remind her she was safe every time I needed to post online or stream a Live video.

At one point in my journey, I made an edgy post on Facebook that blew up in my face. Members of my family very publicly shamed me and disowned me, bringing up much childhood trauma for me to work through. It was an opening for what was unseen to surface, an underlying current of disrespect I had felt my entire life well into adulthood.

Being vulnerable in my truth online was very uncomfortable for me after that, even though I had been visible online for years and it took deep inner healing to shift out of the resistance and dismantle the heart walls that I had put up as a result.

Outside of my online presence, I continue to lean in to breaking down the barriers that my little girl self has put around my heart so that I can be more present, open, and vulnerable in my closest relationships. In my marriage, I advocate my needs, speak openly, and allow my full essence to be held and witnessed by my incredible husband.

This was not my natural pattern in past intimate relationships in which I buried my true self beneath masks and walls, because I didn't feel safe to let myself out. I also was consistently choosing relationships that were toxic and feeding into my lack of self-worth.

I dug into deep worthiness work to change my stories and how I related to the masculine, which initiated a profound dismantling and rebirth of my life. This cued me beginning to travel the world and discover who I was outside of a relationship.

Being a traveller & moving across the world has pushed me out of my comfort zone in putting myself out there to meet new people, build community and relationships from scratch.

When I made the move abroad, I had just taken myself off of oral contraceptive, which began a 3 year battle of acne which I was trying to heal without western medicine.

There were days where I wanted to hide myself and not show my face to others, including my partner.

I walked down the aisle to marry my husband while I was in the worst breakout of my skin condition. But I felt beautiful... and I was, because I had spent weeks prior working through the shame I felt around having such bad adult acne and seeing my radiance shine through the inflammation.

As this work I have done on myself continues to deepen and integrate, I get bolder, louder, & more visible... and I serve at a greater impact. & this is what I came to this planet to do... to serve, empower and heal... even though my shy younger self still has some qualms about it every time I hit a new level. Those good ol' glass ceilings never stop ;)

I know what it takes to rewire our subconscious mind, our cellular memory patterns, and bring healing to our inner child, so that we can confidently be who we are today and allow ourselves to be seen in that.

I am the person to guide you through this transformation, who will hold your inner child in her fear while activating you up into your boldest self.

You've read this far for a reason... let's do this. It's time.