Take up so much space there's no room for doubt to exist.

Attract your soulmate clients. Hit new levels of abundance and overflow. Show up with unwavering belief. Make an impact. Calibrate into the frequency of your vision and anchor it in your body and reality.…the toolbox that will revolutionize the way you hold your power


Shift from doubt to POWERHOUSE.

From Doubt to Powerhouse is a PORTAL. When you receive this toolbox, you will be calibrating into the vibrational identity of a POWERHOUSE.

Being a powerhouse is a frequency, a vibe, a way of being, holding and seeing yourself. It's a complete identity shift on every level and layer.

It's a movement of soulpreneur women activated in their COcreative potential, walking home to their connection to God and letting God be the force that works through them.

A powerhouse knows she belongs at the table and owns her seat there. She knows she has a revolution to offer.

It's about no longer allowing doubt to live in your cellular memory
that has been blocking you from going next level with your soul aligned business.

From Doubt to Powerhouse gives you all of the guided embodiment tools that you need to rewrite the story you hold in your body to tap into your I AM GOLD AND AM WORTHY OF BEING RECEIVED AS SUCH energy.

Show up to your business with a sure as F attitude that your shit is lit and you have transformation to provide, no longer spiralling out in procrastination, doubt, and analysis paralysis mode.

Your soulmate client magnet switch is ON and you easily attract people into your online space that are a joy to work with that totally vibe with you.

Your inspiration channel is wide open, being flooded with regular tidal waves of ideas and energy for content creation and crafting your soul service.

Details & What's Included

Release Tap. 

Disrupt the doubt, limiting stories and constriction on the spot no matter where you are to anchor in your POWER & self-belief.

5 min guided video process

Recalibrate EFT Tapping

Neutralize energy charges around limiting thoughts and recalibrate into empowering thoughts and beliefs. Tap this into your body so that every cell of your being is vibrating in a F YES agreeance to such! 11 min guided video process

Vision Meditation

Connect in with your expansive vision, and find peace with where you are at now, to support you in collapsing time.

13 minute guided audio process

Power Embodiment Flow

Through movement I take you deep into feeling, moving and expressing your pain to release it out of your cellular memory and fill you with your power, soul essence and Truth.

33 minute guided movement process via video

Expand Breathwork. 

A 2 part breath to pull up stored emotions and traumas in the body that has been diluting your light and releasing them. This expands your capacity to hold more of your power in your house (body).

24 min guided video process

PDF Guide

11 Page PDF Document to support you through each process. The visuals of this PDF help to anchor in the vibration of POWERHOUSE.

*Bonus* The Root System Method

A bonus 5 page PDF to take you through a journaling process of reprogramming your subconscious mind. Stop unconsciously repelling your vision/clients and tap into your magnetism!

In this epic HOLY YES toolbox of deeply healing embodiment processes, I will help you go from hitting your head on the same ol' glass ceiling to π˜π˜–π˜“π˜  𝘍 π˜›π˜π˜π˜•π˜Žπ˜š π˜ˆπ˜™π˜Œ π˜π˜π˜•π˜ˆπ˜“π˜“π˜  π˜π˜ˆπ˜—π˜—π˜Œπ˜•π˜π˜•π˜Ž, like whoa.

It's an identity shift.

*Upon purchase you will be sent an email with a PDF that has the links to access each process in your power pack toolbox.*




"This is the beginning of all the things that I've been manifesting coming to life. Thank you so much for your From Doubt to Powerhouse - you have given me the tools to help me break through the walls, become open to abundance and know that I'm worthy of it."

Kim Shingler 

Thank you so much for your powerful course β€˜Doubt to Powerhouse’. The tapping is SO on point and I love the language shift. You can actually feel the energetic shift! The meditation has been an excellent tool for bringing in those AMAZING feelings of being so in alignment and filled with infinite joy of the future into the present time. This allows it to be so easily accessed It’s been a short time working with the energy and tools in this program but I already feel so much clarity, strength, vision, and a knowing of where I truly want to be and what I really want to present to the world! It’s allowed me to sink into the juiciness of it, make shifts, and start to energetically create! So much gratitude for you birthing this beauty into creation so others can do the same with theirs!

Brandie Bates





"Just did the power embodiment flow process and DAMN girl that was amazing and beautiful!!! I saw so much, felt so much expand and move for me!"

Stefanie Carlson 

I'm Mary - empowerment and transformation coach for female entrepreneurs, wife to my sexy Irishman husband, doggy mom, horse nut, and I am a Canadian living abroad in Ireland!

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life, starting out as young as 8 years old when I started buying orphan calves, bottle raising and selling them. In my early 20's I started a network marketing business and my own cleaning business which gave me the freedom to set my own hours while building my passion biz and travel regularly. From there as I was thirsty for all things personal development and my intuitive gifts came online, I naturally shifted into being a coach/healer.

But I tell you, the hardest entrepreneurial endeavour yet has been sharing my soul work with the world: my spiritual and intuitive healing gifts. Letting myself be seen in my power in an area that I was burned at stake for in past lives and in this life has completely severed my connection with several members of my birth family? Yeah that shit's hard.

Doubt in myself, my gifts and my ability to create a successful business being paid for my soul's work has been my greatest teacher.

Not so long ago my business was the biggest pain point in my reality, feeling frustrated as F about the inconsistent results, my emotional fluctuations and Scorpio death and rebirth rhythm keeping me from being able to crack into receiving the next level that I was calling in. I questioned if I was capable of creating sustainable success.

I had to get out of my head and into my body, beginning to rewrite the story that my body was carrying so that the signals I was sending out into the Universe actually reflected my heart's desires, rather than a trauma imprint in my nervous system that said it wasn't safe to be seen and powerful.

I learned that my mind can will all I want through mindset techniques, but if I don't get my nervous system, and energy body on board, I was going to continue to unconsciously block my success.

Last month I hit a record in my business, fully booking out my practice AND feeling completely safe and held to take 2 weeks off from work to enjoy the holidays... a first for me in the many years of biz.

Without the tools that I have used day in and day out which I have provided in the From Doubt to Powerhouse toolbox, I wouldn't have been able to build this business that has gifted me the freedom of time, location and money, while feeling completely safe, held and provided for through it.

And so I pass the torch onto you, dear soulpreneur friend, so that you too can rewrite the story that's been held in your bones and DNA so that you expand into the YOU who is creating a REVOLUTION and KNOWS on every cell of her being just how LOVABLE, MAGNIFICENT, ABUNDANT, and POWERFUL she is.

Mary J Wright