Hey mystical babe!  

Are you feeling that deep stir within you that ONE DAY you would love to build a spiritual/healing based career but you know you have a lot of your own inner work to do first to get you ready?

You see women building soul-centered businesses that are contributing to the healing and ascension of humanity and you feel that pull that that's something you would like to do too someday.

& with that, all of your self-doubts bubbles up to surface.

"Sure, SHE can create that business, but I don't think I could..."

Beloved, you are a POWERFUL force with so much magic to offer to the world.

& it's MY magic to help you clear out the energetic blocks so that you can remember just how magnificent and powerful you are in order to claim the work that you are here to do in the world.

Cosmic Radiance is a 1:1 private coaching experience for mystical women who crave bringing their healing arts into the world but know that they have a lot of their own healing to do first.  

This is a high energy collaboration to support you through your own ascension process.  

The Cosmic Radiance experience takes you through an alchemical journey of purging and letting go of traumas, stories, and conditioning that have clung onto your energy field which has been blocking your ability to see just how amazing & powerful you are.

This creates space for your body to hold higher frequencies and more light.

Meaning your higher self will be channeling through you at a whole new level.  

After we go through the unraveling process, we activate you into new levels of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

This sacred union within you will assist you in surrendering to the Divine and grounding the energetic shifts you will be making into the 3D reality.  

We then move into the quantum expansion of laying the energetic grid for your desired reality to activate you into new levels of powerful manifesting.

This is very much an intuitive process so the "outline" may shift according to what's coming up for you during our time together.

You will walk out of this experience lit as F and ready to bring your work out into the world.

You will see yourself through the eyes of the divine.

You will know just how powerful, magical, and exquisite you are, and that your own energy field holds unique codes and medicine for your own personal contribution to New Earth consciousness.






This is for YOU, the mystic, the starseed, the goddess priestess in the making, the witch, the hippie child of Gaia who knows deep down you are here in this lifetime to heal, to serve, & to elevate the consciousness of humanity while we birth New Earth.

This is for you even if you don't know what your own special healing arts will be, but you can feel that something big is coming into the ethers for you because you KNOW you are here for a PURPOSE, even if that purpose is unclear at this point!

You know that in order for you to bring your magic into the world, you have to first become a master of your own energy field and become very intimate with your own personal healing. The codes your energy field carries from the healing of your deepest wounds is medicine for the people that you work with in the future.

Deep down you fear how big you are going to become, because you know it will mean owning your full power, owning your full magic, your full radiance, which means TAKING UP SPACE, BEING SEEN, and BEING HEARD, and smashing through all resistance, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and limitations.

Which is scary as F no matter who you are.

Sista, you're reading this because it's time to shed the damsel in distress to make room for the QUEEN commanding her reality.

The New Earth that we are currently birthing needs QUEENS, activated in their inner union of DIVINE masculine and feminine, embodied in their sovereignty, reigning over their realm.

This is where the light coded container of Cosmic Radiance comes in.

Cosmic Radiance holds you as we unravel the self-doubt, the unworthiness, the traumas, the agreements you've made in this life & past lives to poverty, scarcity, enslavement, and victimhood consciousness in order for you to reclaim your sovereignty, your power, and your purpose.

Cosmic Radiance will purge, activate, and expand you on all levels.

This coaching container will prepare you for the magic you will be bringing out into the world.




-Ceremony to open initiation to the Cosmic Radiance activation

-clearing traumas, worthiness wounds, and heavy energetic charges  

-busting through limiting beliefs & self-doubt

-collapsing timelines that no longer serve you and agreements to outdated consciousness grids (poverty, scarcity, enslavement, victimhood consciousness)


-divine king & divine queen code activations (dismantling damsel in distress and inner tyrant stories)

-feminine magnetism and grounding into your body

-higher self embodiment

-clarity around the new timeline that you are creating for yourself

-support & strategy in your ascension journey  


-Claiming and merging with your multi-dimensional aspects

-laying the gridwork of your desired reality in the quantum field

-shattering through glass ceilings of resistance for massive uplevel

-opening and receiving support to a new level from your divine entourage team

-ceremony to complete the Cosmic Radiance activation

*note* this is all intuitive based on what's coming up in your ascension process. Your journey will look completely different than my other clients' journeys. This is merely an outline in which we will be weaving into our experience together as we activate you in your soul's mission.


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I spent my first year of business SPIRALING out in ego deaths, dark nights of the soul, ascension symptoms, and self-doubt.

I had hired a business coach to support me in my 6 months of business that was all hustle, action steps and click funnels, and no actual healing or shifting the resistance I was experiencing.

I was still very much in the depths of my own healing journey, and what I needed more than anything was someone to hold space for me as I unraveled the layers of conditioning that had me feeling completely disconnected from my worth, my purpose and my power.

Had I chosen to work with a coach that was going to support me in my own personal evolution so that I could be making major revolution in my business, I probably would've been a lot more "successful" in my first year of business.

Though, if I had done that, Cosmic Radiance wouldn't have been birthed! Everything happens for a reason and we are always being divinely guided.

So, even though on paper my first year of business wasn't exactly a success, through all of the initiations, lessons, and massive energetic recalibrations, it was actually VERY successful on a personal healing front and inner energetic level. Especially because I was pretty fresh out of recovering from a trauma I experienced while traveling AND I was in the process of moving across the world with my dog to join my beloved.

Once I got through that first messy year, my energy field was carrying so many codes, wisdom, and medicine that I had accumulated along the way that I began to quantum expand because I finally felt READY, ACTIVATED, WORTHY & POWERFUL energetically to do what I came here to do.

Cosmic Radiance has been channeled in order to support you through the massive energetic recalibration that is needed to prepare someone's energy field to boldly step out into the world as a lightworker.

It basically fast tracks you so you don't need to fall down on your face as many times as I did! So that when it comes time to you launching your lightwork, you feel READY, CLEAR, locked and loaded, ready to go!

This is not a business mentorship. This is a container to support you in your healing, ascension, and preparing you to align with your soul's mission.


Taking deep breaths, feeling your spirit guides surrounding you, as you type up your "coming out" post on social media as a spiritual-based entrepreneur.

You've done the work on your inner energetics.
You lasered in and cleared those witch wounds of fear of persecution.
You cleared the unworthiness and the feelings of not being good enough.

You no longer feel your throat close when you speak up for yourself.
You no longer hold yourself back from being authentically you with your family.
You no longer spiral out in loops of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

You are grounded and anchored in your temple space body, and you LOVE your boundaries.

And here you are, ready to launch your lightwork out into the world.
You're ready for the world to receive your magic.

You squeal with excitement as you click post.
You celebrate yourself for how far you've come,

as you shatter through yet another glass ceiling.

You are fully activated in your soul's mission.

& to think, this is just the beginning.


"The universe beautifully brought myself and Mary together a few months back through a Facebook group we were both a part of. My first experience of her wonders was a shamanic power animal retrieval session which was incredibly profound and powerful. I felt a very strong energetic shift during the session which blew my mind as she was in Austria and I am in Ireland! I knew from that, that Mary was a very powerful space holder and guide for any kind of healing and expansion journey. In my own life, I have several projects that I have been very eager to get off the ground and to expand on, for this reason, I was very drawn to Mary’s program. Each week the results and the processing were really mindblowing. Within the first few sessions of healing old patterns and outdated programs, I connected with many different aspects of myself, from my fiery younger self, to the higher selves of my parents. Each week I felt further liberation and deeper connection to what the entirety of who I am is trying to do in this life. I could always feel Mary's strength and power with me as I journeyed to these places. She held the container and really witnessed what was happening for me. I felt that it accelerated so much of my own healing and has enabled me to stand more fully in my power, in particular my power as a sexual feminine being which has had dramatic effects on all aspects of myself. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful being that Mary is and for what she has provided me with. My life has been changing at an incredible rate from relationships, daily goals, daily actions, and my ability to stand in my own power."

-Meadhbh O Leary Fitzpatrick

Mary has been such an amazing coach there just aren’t enough words!! Inner work isn’t always easy or glamorous. It’s messy. It’s hard. Having a beautiful and wise coach really helps to propel you forward. She asks the hard questions. She pokes the bear. She holds you accountable. All while holding space for you to be authentic and raw and fall apart and pick yourself back up and grow. What I love about Mary is that she does all this and does her own inner work and growth too. She doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect from herself. It really helps to have a coach that continues do grow and heal and learn new tools.  

If you’re looking for someone to help you in your journey, Mary is so absolutely recommended. I feel completely blessed to have worked with her and look forward to what our future will hold for us both. 

-Brandie Bates

I don’t think that it is possible to capture in words, the immense power of Mary’s Cosmic Radiance container.  I stepped into this portal in January and as I sit here and reflect on what the past 5 months have been, I am in awe.  I came into this program knowing full well that I was destined for great things, but I was so bogged down by the heaviness that I carried from my past.  I could see that I had patterns that were keeping me in this constant loop, and although I was doing the work of growing and evolving on my own, it felt as though I was doing so at a snail’s pace.  I knew I needed someone who could hold a grounded and supportive container for me.  Someone to shine a light on the deeper issues and help me release old programs so I could get to the truth of who I am and what I am here to do. That  is exactly what this program has provided me with.  I am a little more than halfway through and the shifts have been PROFOUND.  I have shed the stories of my past and have stepped into an expanded space of power, a space of knowing, and a space of soul remembrance.  Mary is a true Priestess.  She holds space in such a gentle, yet powerful, way and walks the journey right beside you.  Every session has been fine tuned to my experience, and I believe that is what makes them so impactful. She is such a clear channel of truth and love, that healing happens at a core level.  I have grown so much in the past five months and I know this is just the beginning.  Thank you Mary, from the depths of my soul, for bringing this work into my life. I am forever grateful for you!

- Mary Ann Krajna


Click the button below to fill out the application form!

By filling out the application form, you are NOT committing to the program or to the financial exchange. You are applying for a free 30-minute discovery call with me, to make sure we are the right fit for each other!


Hey light warrior! I'm Mary Wright.

I am an ancient soul seeded from both Sirius and Pleiades. I was part of a team that came down to planet Earth to test the soil and elements to make sure this planet could sustain human life. I assisted with setting a grid of light to allow this very thing to happen.

Since then, I have lived thousands of years as a grid keeper on Planet Earth, through Atlantis, Lemuria, and now through the Great Awakening as we usher in the Golden Age.

It is an honour to be walking amongst you light raisers as we assist humanity in it's most epic leap in consciousness. We are doing what has never been done before.

In this lifetime, I am an intuitive and women's transformation coach & ascension guide, coaching mystical women on how to clear the density in their fields in order to make space for the embodiment of their higher self so that they feel ready to powerfully bring their sacred work out into the world.

In my work, I use intuitive techniques specializing in Neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy & cosmic shamanic healing among many other channeled modalities.

In my own personal evolution, these modalities assisted me in overcoming deep unworthiness, sexual trauma, anxiety, depression & PTSD. All of these experiences in my younger days was the perfect foundation to rock my sleepy soul enough to catalyze my awakening and furthermore activate the codes of ancient medicine and wisdom within me.

I was born and raised in the small town prairie lifestyle of Alberta, Canada which lead to a handful of years of massive rebellion (and sometimes self-destruction) to shake my consciousness loose of deep societal conditioning.

Along my journey, I became a free-spirited soul thirsty for travel which lead me to meet my Irishman soulmate on a beach in Cuba. I moved to Austria in 2018 with my dog to join my now husband in an expansive abundant life of working with soulmate clients, travel, and romance.

When I'm not traveling I like to spend my free time spoiling myself with luxurious baths, being in the woods, and making a damn good fire under the stars.

I sometimes can be spotted on hot mountaintops sunbathing in the nude.