Mary J Wright

empowerment & manifestation coach


Are you ready to go all in on yourself and your vision, once and for all?

No more half assing, no more Stuck Sally's, no more doubtful Donna's, no more at war with your fear gremlins...just straight joy riding on the currents of alignment to your dream reality.

Babe, take a deep exhale. Drop into your heart.

You're in the right place.

So many mystical women in my world want to have their own businesses for the freedom it will provide them while simultaneously serving the planet.

They crave an open morning to be in their own glowy flow, in their soul service in the afternoon, and romping with their lover by night.

... but they get stuck at the start gate sipping on their self-sabotage cocktail, wondering when and if this thing is ever going to pop off.

They just simply can't seem to get themselves & their business off the ground.

The inner critic gets louder, they are inconsistent with their action or not taking it at all, their voice seems to get lost in the masses, and the process of trying to battle out the resistance and go after their dreams is exhausting them.

Can you relate?

If so, BIG GOLD ENERGY has arrived for YOU, ready to rub up on your inner soul self and coax out all the magic you've been keeping to yourself, you sly fox you.

Your soul wants to confetti all over your world and light it up in the best way possible, so let's do so in the magical cocoon of an 8 week group immersion...or shall I say...GROUP SPELL.

BIG GOLD ENERGY will help you go from holding your brilliance back to becoming a BIG, BOLD, CONFIDENT POWERHOUSE who has the sparkle & grit to expand the F out of herself, her business & how she shows up to her world.

I can support people like you to connect with your true creator self so you shatter through glass ceilings and rocket ship to your dream reality because I have been where you are and know what it takes.

Not so long ago I was drowning in doubt in my business, frustrated with how long it was taking to fully pop off, and that was rippling out in how secure I felt within myself.

Business tasks felt like such big things, I struggled with finding my authentic voice, I kept internalizing that my sense of worth was tied into how my business was doing.

Though I was living abroad married to my king which was an adventure in itself... I didn't vibe with the country that I was living in. I had this heavy blanket of anxiety around me every time I left the house.

I was feeling completely out of alignment with what my soul really desired and disconnected from myself. I wasn't sure of myself and my capability.

Big things started manifesting for me through deep belief work, intentional ceremonies to connect with my Expanded Self, embodiment practices and familiarizing my body with the sensation of my vision.

I was finally moving in my business & world from a place of overflow from my soul's inner wisdom & desire, rather than up in my head, contracted in reaction to my external reality.

We moved countries during the pandemic riding these currents of alignment in complete trust of the unfolding timeline and our dream reality began to fully come to fruition.

My authentic voice came online, I became a fully booked coach, my husband's business exploded, our marriage & intimacy bloomed, my capacity to hold more pleasure & joy expanded, and we were surrounded by abundant nature that we are able to receive on our doorstep.

We are about to buy a country cottage in Ireland mortgage free with a bit of land that we can grow our own food, get a horse, a goat, and start a family.

All of this as a result of no longer holding the identity of who I was in the past, but rather, become the identity of who I needed to be to create my dreams. Which ultimately, is my highest, most expanded Self - who I AM on a soul level.

In addition to my life experience, I have been running my own personal brand & business for 8 years. I have been certified in Holy Fire Reiki 1 & 2, Life Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have been trained in breathwork, shamanic healing, & tantric arts modern day mystery school for divine feminine healing & empowerment.

BIG GOLD ENERGY is an 8 week live group immersion to take you from doubt to POWERHOUSE which includes:

  • 1 private 30 min video call session with me for rapid subconscious release & rewire via my signature Root System Method: collapse blocks & expand into your future identity in the now
  • 1 LIVE DANCE PARTY welcoming everyone into the container! This is you ARRIVING at the juicy VIP CLUB of your SOUL while poppin' bottles of BIG GOLD ENERGY shower all over you!
  • 4 biweekly LIVE group video calls with teaching, activations, hot seat coaching & corresponding workbooks
  • 3 guided meditations, released biweekly
  • THE VIBE LOUNGE: private Facebook group to snuggle into for sisterhood & support
  • BONUS Guided Sexy Soul Portal Session recording (the KEY to expanding your body's capacity to hold more of your power)
  • BONUS Guided EFT Tapping recording for emotional processing & releasing

START DATE: The week of August 15th, 2022

EXCHANGE: regular 888 EARLY BIRD PRICE OF 700 (savings of 188)

*payment plans available at checkout*

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what's possible for you...

What would it be like to wake up each morning overflowing with excitement, inspiration and sexy I AM THE VIBE & I NEED TO SHARE THIS WITH THE WORLD presence?

To feel oh so delightfully connected to your Expanded Self that it's as if your future you who has already accomplished what you desire is moving you like an avatar on the Sims.

There's a direct stream of communication, support, ideas and energy that is pouring into your awareness from your future YOU.

You are motivated to show up confidently to your vision & manifest your dreamy as F reality with joy & ease.

You walk into your client containers, live videos and content creation with a sure as shit certainty in the value of yourself and the transformation you provide.

You no longer get stuck in the swamp of self sabotage loops for weeks on end. Instead you have the tools, embodiment, and muscle memory to naturally operate from the bandwidth of frequency that is your highest expanded self and timeline.

You know exactly how to love & support all aspects of you so that you stay aligned with your highest trajectory even on the days your inner child is throwing a tantrum.

You powerfully share your soul work & uninhibited voice with the world as the bad mystical bitch that you are, making the hearts & wallets open of your vibe-with-you-ride-with-you clients.

You are joy riding the currents of your soul stream with miracles at your finger tips and being romanced by the juicy life & biz that you've crafted for yourself.

YUMMY! So here for it.




The following keys will be weaved into your BIG GOLD ENERGY experience...

Anchoring safety in your BODY & SELF. Cozying up to your inner child & processing out emotions bubbling to the surface.

Expanding your body's capacity to hold more of your power (aka YOU) & rocket launching to your desires.

Holding the identity of your next level self & the vision you are here to bring through.

Moving with certainty in yourself, what you have to offer, and the inevitability of where you are going.

Pouring your Expanded Soul Self through your body, your world & all that you create.

... plus many more surprises like my signature GOLD JUMPSUIT methodology ;)

What past clients have shared...

"I can't even express the gratitude I have for you & the support & guidance you have provided to get me to this stage! Here's to shattering the next glass ceiling!"

- Lindsay B.

"The first video put me in a PLACE & I stepped into something incredibly intense. I got promoted at work, I got out of my shitty apartment & into a new amazing one, I met my soulmate, AND I built an entire music album from scratch."

- Michelle D.

"For the woman who desires true and lasting transformation... don’t let Mary’s tender, playful style fool you: her guidance is firmly rooted in ancient wisdom, her words are carefully chosen spells to provoke deep activation within you, and her meditations are energetically potent like spiritual cleansing in sweet cool water."

- Andrea F.

"I know from first-hand experience that Mary is a very powerful alchemical guide. She is able to hold space and guide a session in such a way that profound shifts can take place and deep layers of distortion can be excavated and cleared. Due to her gifted abilities and grace, I was able to step more fully into who I truly am, the being that I was born to be. I have no doubt that Mary is deeply aligned with her soul's mission in supporting other souls to reclaim parts of themselves and live from a place of integrated wholeness."

- Stephanie K.


Is this program for me if I am not an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. Being our confident bold selves totally is applicable to all parts of our world and is a byproduct of this work, whether or not you are actively engaged in starting or building a business. You can bring your BIG GOLD ENERGY into the bedroom, the boardroom, conversing with family at the kitchen table and the way that you move your body. IMO though, most of the people that vibe with me have the deepest desire to start their own soul aligned business, even if it's far down the road and just a slight subconscious soul inkling. This course will bring you that much closer to being ready to do so while also aligning other foundational parts of your life. When you're feeling yourSelf, everything clicks in.

Is this a business coaching program?

No. This is an energy and mindset coaching programming tailored to mystical women who desire to share their magic with the world in whatever way is aligned for them. However, if you bring business strategy questions to the hot seat coaching or facebook group I will happily support you in this.

When/how will the calls take place & what if I can't make it live?

The welcome dance party will be a 30 minute Zoom call. The group calls will take place biweekly on Zoom and will be scheduled ahead of time. Expect these calls to be between 60-90 minutes.

A group poll will help pin point a date and time for the varying time zones.

The calls will be recorded and loaded up on to the online course portal the following day.

The private 30 minute session with me for rapid subconscious release & rewire can be booked at any time during our 8 week container You can contact me via email to arrange your session which will be done via Zoom.

What is the format of the program?

This is a LIVE teaching & group coaching style course with corresponding workbook, pre recorded guided meditations & processes for you to play with in between sessions.

There will be a 30 minute welcome dance party to open up this energy (you don't need to dance on camera if this feels too edgy for you! You can turn your camera off).

All content will be loaded up on the Course Portal website. You have lifetime access to the materials.

There is also a Facebook group THE VIBE LOUNGE that you can lean into for additional support & sisterhood.

How much time will this program take?

This is up to yourself. The welcome party call is a 30 minute dance blast. The teaching/coaching calls take place every 2 weeks and will be between 60-90 minutes. The workbooks are journal prompts that can be played with over the 2 weeks in between our calls that will take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to complete. The processes and meditations provided are short and can be weaved in throughout your experience as you feel guided. I will ask that you commit every single day to connect in with your soul, whether that be a 5 minute dance flow or a 30 minute yoga and journal session. The frequency of BIG GOLD ENERGY will be working on you as soon as you sign up, but as always, if you go ALL IN on this work, you will get ALL IN results.

Will I get 1 on 1 coaching/feedback/attention from Mary?

There will be time for coaching hot seats on the biweekly calls and any other questions/support during the 8 weeks can be posted in the VIBE LOUNGE fbook group.

The 30 minute subconscious reprogram session is 1 on 1 with me, please come with a clear intention so we stay in the 30 minute time frame.

How many people will be in this group?


What is your refund policy?

There will be no refunds granted under any circumstances.

Baby, those deeply desired miracles, opportunities, and clients that vibe and ride with you?

Well, they’ll be pouring in from the ethers, unable to stop themselves from being all over your BIG… Gold… Energy.

I AM A FULL BODY YES. Let's tango!